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Project: Art installation/Land art Team: Studio Johan Ferner Ström Exhibited: Simrishamn Art hall, Gislövs stjärna (outside) Curator: Susan Bolgar Description: ”Where all possibilities exist – there are no longer any possibilities” (Beuys). Where all time exists – there can be no time. The mass media out-put grows larger and larger. Clever teams work in shifts in order to find new …



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Project: Sculpture installation Team: Johan Ferner Ström Exhibited: Rosendahl/Stockholm, Galleri nord/Örebro, Galleri Järrestad 15/Österlen Curator: Ateljé Johan Ström Description: What has been an impelling force in the creative process, with these symbols as elements of form, besides the universality of the form itself, is the objects’ status in our inner world of concepts. Symbols establish themselves quickly in our consciousness. The idea …



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Project: Sculpture installation Team: Johan Ferner Ström Exhibited: Simrishamn Art Hall, Skatudden/Grisslehamn Curator: Johan Ström, Susan Bolgar Description: Sand bags – heavy and menacing, always in our presence. Filled with life remnants and memories that sometimes we are not able to see or even less have time to process, they constitute an obstacle to our development and our ability to communicate. …


Chaenomeles J

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Project: Art installation Team: Johan Ferner Ström Exhibited: Äpplets hus/Kivik Curator: Susan Bolgar Description: For some time now the House of Apples [Äpplets Hus] and the Kivik Cider factory have tried some unconventional collaboration with artists in order to add a new and different dimension to operations there. At an early stage of the Chanomeles project, the cultural producer Susan Bolgar was …