Captured moon

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Project: Public Art Sjöängen Cultural center (Sketch Assignment) Team: Johan Ferner Ström Location: Askersund Client: City of Askersund Description: Trapped Moon is an interactive multi-functional light sculpture. The sculpture is made considering that it should be in constant change as life and the world in general. The artistic starting point has been to capture the moon’s water mirror pick it up …


Puckelboll Sweden

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Project: Interactive sculpture Team Stockholm: Johan Ferner Ström, Dan Johansson/Lab 71, Rune Ney, Sara Heppling Trygg, Sofia Brydolf/City of Stockholm Team Malmö: Johan Ferner Ström, Anders Dahlbäck/Ramböll, Sten Göransson & Emma Johnasson/City of Malmö Photo cred: David Puig Serinyà/Glósóli Ateljé Location: Kroksbäcksparken/Malmö/Sweden Skärholmen/Stockholm/Sweden Awards/Recognitions: Making space Award/Scotland: Shortlisted Siena Price/Sweden: Shortlisted. UN Habitat: The project is included in, “Public space toolkit” Exhibited: …



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Project: Smart city garden (competition entries EWA Stockholm) Team: Johan Ferner Ström, Pedro Orenes/Architect Location: Unspecified Sculptecture: The sculptecture project works as a multi-functional sculptural building on a plaza somewhere. A place for meetings and to share experiences. The competition proposal focused on cooperation; artist-architect and citizens and how these actors can cross-fertilize one another if allowed cooperating in the early stages with new …


Harstad Norway

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Project: Harstad Norway  Urban planning (competition entries) Team: Dan Johansson/Architect, Johan Ferner Ström Location: Harstad harber site Creative platform: There are three strategies that can be used when one wants to achieve urban renewal. One can do it like in Bilbao, that ensure that a new unique institution establishes itself, and thus hope that the attraction of this highlights the …


The Fruit Park

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Project: Sculptures, play scape Team: Johan Ferner Ström Location: Liljeholmen, Stockholm Client: City of Stockholm Description: As a project during the Cultural Capital year of 1998 I got the opportunity of realizing my idea of creating a playground of sculptures. This resulted in Sebastian’s Playful Fruits, or the Fruit Park™, as it is commonly called. Fourteen giant sized fruit sculptures …


Urban Beach

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Project: Water play scape Team: Johan Ferner Ström, Joar Sörman Location: Skärholmsterassen/Stockholm Client: City of Stockholm/Jean Louis Dessalles Description: The mission’s extension was water play scape with the immediate environment as well as suggestions to its possibilities and sunscreen.” Our recommendation was that one sees the entire terrace as a unit, as far as possible. Our discussions initially revolved around two possible …


House of Drawings

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Project: Urban Design Team: Johan Ferner Ström, Pedro Orenes Location: Grisslehamn Client: Norrtälje Kommun/AE Sällskapet Description: The idea of a house of drawings emerged as a strong candidate to attract tourists and to revitalize the area of Augustberg. To build a new museum is not done in a jiffy and would involve considerable effort and financial resources. However, it is enormously important …


Nobel Square

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Project: Urban Design Team: Johan Ferner Ström, Dan Johansson SAR Location: Nobeltorget/Malmö Client: City of Malmö Description: The square has a strong graphic design that gets its likeness in the park. The starting point was from the beginning a meeting between two pieces of the puzzle. A small part of the big puzzle of Malmö. Full red paved the slight …