Talk & Workshops

Johan lectures periodically and arranges seminars and talks. Lectures can also be adapted to individual requirements and occasions.

Creative analysis of the social and environmental spheres. The artist as interpreter of the future. How can the artists’ methods be interesting for an organisation or a company? Traditional social and environmental analysis using untraditional methods. Lectures given at Södertörn University.

Creativity or creating?
How can one be more creative in management groups, working groups or individually, and what is the difference between creativity and creating. Lecture plus simpler workshops.

Collaboration between culture and business– How?
What does culture and business respectively have to gain by collaboration and how are collaborative projects run in Europe? The lecture is combined with a discussions. Lectures given at Södertörn University.

Culture as strategy
How does one work with culture as a strategic tool? The lecture is conducted in collaboration with Susan Bolgar. Intended for cultural organisations and companies.

Project management
Lecture and in-depth course in project management with a specific focus on cultural projects. Lectures given at
Södertörn University.

Entrepreneurial spirit within the field of culture
How does one, active within the cultural field, manage to create, design, budget, finance, execute and market ones work? Stories from my own field of operations are combined with discussion and applied work. Lectures given at
Södertörn University.

Some clients:
School of industrial arts [Konstfack] Stockholm, City of Stockholm , Nacka municipality, Swedish Arts & Business, Botkyrka municipality, Forsbergs school, Södertörn University, Royal college of Music Stockholm, Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.