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The Studio

"A strange chaos of, remains of life, old exhibition fragments, models of ideas, drawings, sketches, unfinished works, completed works and art experiments. 

For some an incomprehensible disorder,

for me an indispensable umbilical cord."

Sculptor Johan Ferner Ström giant banana sculpture

To formulate or reformulate areas with art and design as a tool feels important and stimulating, but is just one of the tools in the box. I believe in maximizing the impact of ideas by participating in a dialogue with users, contractors, city developers and media.

Studio Johan Ferner Ström consists of a network of competence and talented professionals. Architects, landscape architects, lighting designers, engineers, craftsmen, casters, cultural strategists, graphic designers and constructors are included in various ways in the projects.

The studio functions as a hub, where ideas are discussed and tested and where interdisciplinary work is encouraged.

The teams vary in the number of participants depending on the character of the project. Working with urban projects require a broad-minded vision. Taking into account all the sediments, both historically and visionary. I have had the opportunity to work on assignments where I, along with brave clients and skilled teams sought to weave together art, architecture, landscaping, and social needs to a natural unit.

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